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Key Benefits

fresh clothes even when you sweat

• provides long-lasting freshness

• softens fabrics

• prevents stretching

• prevents color fading

• prevents pilling and fuzz

prevents static

• reduces wrinkles vs. detergent alone

• makes ironing easier vs. detergent alone

• *Only available in Gulf countries


Q: Why do I need to use a fabric softener on top of my detergent?
A: Downy provides to your clothes long lasting freshness that lasts until you wear them, all day long. Additionnally, there are a number of reasons why it is beneficial to use a fabric softener alongside your detergent: it makes fabrics feel soft and gentle to the skin as the fibers in your clothes move more freely, it significantly prevents against clothes aging and protects their shape and colors, and it makes them easier to iron.
Q: How does Downy work?
A: Dowy fabric softener deposits perfume oils on textile fibers which, like a fragrance, will provide long-lasting freshness to your clothes. But also it softens and helps preserving your clothes wash after wash: it goes on the textile fiberts to keep them smooth, reducing the friction between them and on the skin. As fabrics slide on each other more freely, clothes are more supple and show less wear over time, especially for heavily stressed parts such as collars, elbows and cuffs.
Q: How do I use Downy in an automatic washing machine?
A: When adding your detergent to your washing machine drawer, you also add Downy to the fabric softener compartment in the washing machine drawer. You start your washing machine as usual and the washing machine will automatically add Downy to your laundry during the last rinse. After the wash you hang your clothes for drying as usual. Now you can enjoy the great freshness and softness of Downy.
Q: How do I use Downy in a semi- automatic washing machine?
A: You rinse the same amount of rinses as you always do and in the last rinsing water you add Downy before adding your clothes. You add the clothes to the rinsing water and you keep it soaking for 5 minutes. Wring or spin your cloths as usual and hang them drying. Now you can enjoy the great freshness and softness of Downy.
Q: How do I use Downy after hand washing?
A: Before immersing the garments, add Downy to the final rinse water. Stir the water to dissolve the fabric conditioner evenly, and then add the garments to the water. Soak for 5 minutes, then remove the garments from the water and hang them to dry. Now you can enjoy the great freshness and softness of Downy.
Q: Does Downy work on all fabrics?
A: Downy works on every item of clothing, being white, colored or black (except for those fabrics mentioned on the pack’s warning label and dry clean only items). To get the best results, of freshness and softness, please follow the usage instructions.
Q: How often do you recommend I use Downy?
A: We hope you enjoy using it on every load.

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