All-day freshness is here to stay. Literally. Downy

Downy Antiback. All-day freshness is here to stay.

Every day starts on a fresh note. You take a shower, wear fresh clothes and get ready to face the next 24 hours. You work, you shop, you eat out, you cook, you meet new people, you catch up with old friends, and do much more.

All-day freshness is here to stay. Literally. Downy

But as the sun goes down so does the freshness of your clothes. Bad odours begin to take over slowly. You run the risk of smelling bad.
But not anymore.

Why use Antibac

Why Downy Antibac

Like other Downy variants, its concentrated formula deposit perfume oils on clothes to release amazing freshness even when you sweat.

On top it contains anti-bacterial ingredients that neutralize 99% of body odor bacteria preventing them from growing, keeping the freshness.

Downy Antibac guarantees your clothes stay fresh even in the toughest situations.

How Downy Antibac Works

How it works?

Downy Antibac has a special formula of perfumed oils that penetrates the fibers of your fabrics and infuses them with a blooming antibacterial shield. This prevents bacteria that cause bad odours from growing on your clothes and gives them freshness that lasts all day long.